Pink peonies are getting a bit of a makeover with a new wallpaper

Pink peony wallpaper is getting a make-over with new wallpaper, thanks to a new peony garden.

Pink peon, the flower that bears the name Pink Peony, is getting new flowers that are designed to look like a pink peony.

The Pink Peon Garden at Stirling College in the UK is a place that teaches students about the history and history of peony gardening.

This year’s peony was planted in the garden in September and it’s the first ever pink peon garden.

“It’s a lovely pink peonies plant and I think people will enjoy seeing it grow in the greenhouse,” Stirling’s student of gardens, Hannah Beecham, told the BBC.

“I was inspired by it having it grow from a seed to an actual peony, so we wanted to take it a step further and make it look like it’s really an actual plant.”

We have an opportunity to learn from our students about how to grow peonies in a sustainable way and it makes it very rewarding.

“Stirling students say they’re excited about the new look.”

Students love seeing the garden and it gives them an opportunity as well to learn about how plants grow and how to manage them,” said Stirling student Sophie Karp.”

The garden is lovely and there’s something about it that gives students an opportunity and it also means they get to learn more about their own gardens and how we can all help make it a bit more beautiful.

“Students at the college say the new garden will make learning about peonies a lot easier.”

To have a garden like this in the heart of Stirling is fantastic,” said one of the students.”

This is definitely something I can really learn about and hopefully I can make it even better as I grow older.

“Image credit: The Pink Peons Garden website

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