What to know about peonies and peonies flowers

There are thousands of varieties of peonies around the world.

But the most famous variety, peony poppy, is only found in the northern half of the U.S. And even there, only one plant can grow to the size of a grapefruit, making it a bit of a rarity.

This is where we come in.

The National Peony Center at the University of Kentucky is a research facility where we collect and analyze peonies that have been collected in the U: peonies grown for their edible buds.

There’s one plant that we don’t collect for its edible bud, and that is the American Peony, also known as the Northern Peony.

Peonies are native to the southeastern United States.

They’re not indigenous to California, where the California-sized American Peonies grow.

That’s where the peonies come from, said Dr. Kevin D. Davis, an assistant professor of botany at the university.

Davis and his research group started collecting peonies in 2009.

They’ve been studying the Peony for a decade and have found that it grows best in low-humidity climates, where temperatures are warm and humidity is low.

They also found that the peony flowers contain a chemical called flavonoids, which are known to help people recover from illness and help with recovery from pain and inflammation.

It’s one of the many medicinal properties of peony.

“It is a very useful plant to have in your garden,” said Davis, who’s also the president of the Peonies & Co. Society.

“The plants in our society are often associated with things like medicine and plants that help heal.

And there are many varieties that are medicinal and edible.

It is really hard to find a species that does not have medicinal properties.”

So why do so many peonies flower?

It’s not just a matter of taste, Davis said.

There are actually other factors that contribute to their growth, like soil pH, light, and temperature.

Some peonies are very susceptible to disease, while others may not have any particular disease.

Some are susceptible to heat stress, such as when they’re in direct sunlight.

The peonies can also be susceptible to water stress, which is why they often don’t bloom when they do bloom.

While peonies may look and taste pretty, they can have many health benefits.

They can help relieve pain, improve circulation and help treat arthritis, according to Davis.

They may also aid in a variety of other healing processes, such in the digestive tract, kidneys and immune system.

Peony flowers are often used as food, Davis explained.

They’ve been eaten raw in Asia for thousands of years.

They are also used in traditional medicine, such with acupuncture and as an aphrodisiac for females.

The peony plant is not a very common species in the United States, and it’s rare to find one in California.

Davis said he’s been surprised at the number of peonys in the wild.

“If I had to guess, I would say that it would be around 25,000 to 35,000 plants,” Davis said, adding that he hasn’t found a peony in California since the 1990s.

Davis said he believes the peonies have a special place in American culture.

He said they’re so important to the American tradition, he’s hoping that they’ll continue to be recognized as such.

“This is a species of American that we’ve been cultivating in this country for thousands and thousands of miles, and they have been doing that for thousands, and thousands, of years,” Davis explained, adding, “And it’s very fitting to have one that’s so iconic in our national heritage.”

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