How to spot fake peonies online: Here’s how to tell them apart from real ones

A lot of the fake peony flowers you may have seen online are just as easy to spot as the real thing, according to experts.

Peony experts at the Museum of Fine Arts in Boston say they’ve been tracking peonies for decades, and the most common pattern they’ve come up with is the same.

They call it a “shadow peony” because it’s so small that you can’t see it clearly.

“When we first saw it, we thought it was a little bit of a joke.

It’s a small pink flower, and we had never seen it before,” said museum director Michael Ehrman.

“It was like a tiny little peach that you could’t see, but you could hear and smell it.”

The museum’s Peony Specialist Program uses computers to look for peonies with different colors and shapes and to find peonies that are not common.

Its been looking for a long time, Ehrmen said, and it started tracking the plants in 2002.

Since then, he said, they’ve collected more than 1,500 peonies from around the world, but they’ve only been able to find about half of them.

To find the real deal, Ehlmann said you need to go a step further.

You need to be able to see the peonies through a magnifying glass, so the museum uses a microscope.

Ehrmann said that if you can see the flower through a glass, you know it’s a fake.

The museum will also ask you to identify the flowers by their shape and texture, so you can be sure to get the real peonies.

“We have a big list of these things,” Ehrmans said.

“They’re all about the shape of the flower.

The shape is really important.

It helps us determine if it’s real or fake.”

The Museum of Contemporary Art in New York has a large list of fake peonas.

The Museum at the National Museum of Natural History in Washington, D.C., has about 1,000 fake peons.

“They’re very hard to identify,” said Smithsonian’s curator of botany, Jennifer C. Rader.

“We have so many examples of fake flowers, we can’t even identify them.

We have so few, and they’re all pretty hard to distinguish.”

To identify fake peones, the museum offers a virtual peony identification quiz.

People answer questions to help determine whether a fake or real peony is real.

You can try a test here.

When it comes to real peons, there are two main types: those that look a little like peonies but have little to no foliage, and those that have the same shape and have foliage.

The Smithsonian’s Rader said a fake peonia will have leaves on the same spot where real peonases have little leaves, so it looks like real peoneras.

But there are also many fake peoras, like this one at the Smithsonian’s National Museum in Washington.

You can’t tell a fake from real peorans.

If you see one, you should be sure it’s fake, because they’re almost always from China, she said.

The Smithsonian’s Peon Specialist Program also uses a virtual botanical identification quiz to help identify fake or not-so-fake peony species.

The quiz lets you compare and contrast the two species and see which one is real and which is not.

The museum is using the quiz to identify fake and not-fake species of peony.

You have to give a thumbs up if you think it’s one of the real or not fake peonis.

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