Peonies perennial plant found in the Jerusalem area

A Peony perennial found in Jerusalem has been discovered in the city’s East Jerusalem neighborhood.

According to the Israel Antiquities Authority, the peony was found in a garden belonging to the Shaare Zedek community in the northern West Bank.

The plant was named “Nisrael” for the biblical prophet Moses.

The name comes from the name of a village near the site.

According to an article by the local newspaper Al Aqsa, the garden was established in 1925, and in 1932, it was used as a park.

A group of young boys found the peonies in the garden.

The garden was also used as an area for a playground and basketball court.

The boys planted the peon in the gardens in order to preserve the trees and plants in the area, the Al Aqqas report said.

A team of experts from the Israel Botanical Garden in Herzliya has now started to study the plant and compare it with the ones in Israel.

The Peony plant was first found in Israel in the early 1900s.

The species was named after the prophet Moses, who lived in the desert of Hebron in the ancient Hebrew Bible.

It was believed to be the result of a combination of several plants.

The first recorded sighting of the Peony in Israel was in 1948, according to the Jerusalem Post.

It is also said to be used in a healing ritual and was also named for Moses.

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