How to Fake a Peony Flower

I’m not a peony fan, but I do have some fun with it.

It’s so easy to make fake peonies that I figured I would share with you.

Here’s how: 1.

You can make your own peonies by combining the bark and the leaves.

It is not possible to make a real peony without the bark.2.

You need peonies of all types.

Peonies can be grown for a variety of different sizes, and you’ll need to make sure you harvest the right type of peony.


The bark is actually pretty expensive.

You could probably make a little peony for $0.50 a pound, which would be more than enough to make about a dozen of these fake peony roses.4.

To make the fake peoples, you’ll first need to cut the bark from the peonies.

To do this, you need a sharp knife.

You’ll want to cut a piece of bark just larger than your palm, and about the same length as your index finger.

Then, you will slice the bark into four equal pieces.

You will use the cut piece as a guide to cut out the peony flower.

For each piece of the bark you cut, you want to slice the leaves from the same side of the peice, as shown in the picture below.5.

Once you have the cut pieces, you can then slice them into three pieces.

The first two pieces are the leaves, which you’ll use to make the actual flowers.

The third piece is the bark, which is what you’ll slice to make them.

You should use the remaining two pieces to create the flower.6.

The flower will look just like the real peonies you saw.

Here are the directions for making the fake ones.1.

You want to start with the bark in the middle.

Cut the bark to the same size as your palm and place it on a table.2

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