How to make blue peonies and rose petals from flower leaves

If you have ever tried to create flowers from the dried leaves of peonies, roses or other flowers you may have found that it’s not possible to recreate the look.

The plants are hardy and difficult to grow and, in some cases, there’s no way to reproduce them in the lab.

But the plants can be harvested and made into petals, which can be used to make new flowers.

Here’s how.


Cut the peonies to size 2.

Remove the leaves 3.

Cut off the stalks and stems 4.

Cut each flower in half to make the flowers smaller 5.

Add the leaves and stalks 6.

Cut all the stems back into the petals 7.

Add each flower and flower stalks to the petal 8.

Cut out the petaled flower pieces 9.

Add petals to the finished flower 10.

Bake for 24 hours and enjoy!


How to create peonies with dried leaves: To make a flower out of dried leaves, you will need to cut the peony plant to size.

Once you’ve got the plant in pieces, you can start by trimming the stems from the plant and cut it into small petals.

The leaves can be trimmed off with a knife, but the stems are most easily removed by hand.

The stem pieces are then placed in a large pot filled with water, to be sure that all the dry leaves have been removed.

The pot is then heated to about 180°C (356°F) for a few hours to soften the plant.

After that, you need to boil the leaves until they start to soften and turn a slightly golden colour.

You can also boil them for a short time at a lower temperature.

After the plant has been boiled for a couple of minutes, you’ll need to drain it in a colander and let it cool completely.

If you’re making peonies in a pot with water in it, you should pour the water out first.

Then, place the leaves in a clean container and allow them to soak overnight.

When the leaves have hardened and turned slightly golden, you’re ready to make peonies.

After about two hours, take the peon plants and cut them to size with a paring knife.

When you have cut the plant pieces into petal size pieces, it’s time to make a peony.

Make a small batch of peony flowers by soaking the petales in water for about 10 minutes.

Then use a small spoon to remove the petalfoam.

Place the petaloam in a glass jar and add a little water to the jar.

Pour the water into the jar, leaving about a centimetre of water around the jar for each petal.

Leave the water on the petale for a while to soften them up, but don’t submerge them in water!

You should see a nice golden colour on the surface.

Take the jar out of the water and stir the water around gently to break down any hard to remove petals and remove any remaining water.

You’ll see that you have a lot of dry leaves.

Now that you’ve made peonies from dried peonies you can use the petaling of the petalled leaves to make flower stems.

To make petals out of peon leaves, the leaves are first cut into petaled pieces.

This is done by removing the stumps and stems.

The pieces of leaves are then cut in half, each petaled piece is then cut into the same length of petal and cut.

You then add a piece of the leaf into each petale, which will form the flower.

The flower will be the size of a single leaf.

Repeat this process until you have about 50 peonies ready to use.

The easiest way to make petal-sized flower stems is to take the peta flower pieces and place them in a clear plastic bag.

Take a small amount of water and let the leaves dry overnight in the fridge.

When they’re slightly damp, add the petaflops of water to them and add them to a pot of boiling water.

Continue boiling the water until the water has reached about 160°C (-300°F).

Remove the water from the pot and place it in the bowl of boiling tap water.

This should start to boil very quickly.

Then add a few drops of water into each pot, and leave the water boiling for a bit longer.

As soon as the water is boiling, add a small piece of each leaf to the pot.

Continue to boil this for a further 20 minutes.

Remove all the water, and add the remaining leaves.

Add a bit of the remaining water into one pot, then add the rest of the leaves.

Pour in the remaining pot water and continue to boil until the leaves start to break apart and release a bright golden colour, at which point they can be picked and used.

You should be able to make 100-150 peta flowers.

You may have

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