How to find pink peony in Spain

A little girl with a passion for pink peonys, peonies in Spanish, is back in the spotlight after her mom, Patricia, spotted the plant growing in a garden in the town of Santa Rosa de los Cabanas.

Patricia, a petite, 30-year-old single mom, said she planted the flower last year.

“I’ve always wanted to grow the plant in Spain,” Patricia said.

Patricia says she and her husband are also raising money for a new garden for her two young sons.

Patricia also sells peony bulbs in her garden.

Peonies are considered a traditional gift from the gods to the people of Spain.

But Patricia said the plant was never the source of her inspiration.

“This plant is a natural resource,” Patricia told ABC News.

“It is a beautiful flower and I believe that we can grow it and make it even more beautiful.”

Patricia said she grew pink peons on her own land when she was in her early 20s.

She said her family’s family farm had about 20 acres of land.

“We had to sell our land to raise money for the garden,” Patricia explained.

Patricia said in the past, she used to grow peonies and prune them for a living.

“But after I moved to Mexico, I started to sell them and buy a lot of peonies for the gardens,” Patricia added.

Patricia’s daughter, María, said it was important for her family to do the same.

“My mother is a very active gardener and she wanted to see this plant growing and grow it for her children and grandchildren,” María said.

María added that her mom is also an artist.

“She loves painting and has done some really beautiful work,” Marías mother said.

She also said Patricia’s love of peonage is growing.

“When she grows this plant she also wants to have children and have them have the same passion for the flower,” MarÍas mother explained.

“Her mother loves it so much that she decided to start making this plant available for sale.”

The plant, nicknamed “Mermaid,” was brought to Patricia’s attention after her daughter spotted it in the garden.

Patricia decided to take it to the farmers market, where she planted it.

Patricia hopes her garden will be one of the few that can produce pink peone for sale.

“They are really beautiful,” Patricia, said.

“The plant is so beautiful.

We don’t have the right plants.”

The flower is about 10 centimeters (3 inches) tall and grows to about 1.5 meters (4 feet) in diameter.

Patricia has also planted some peonberry bushes on her land, which she said she will continue to grow for her grandchildren and future generations.

The plant was not available in Mexico, but Patricia said it will soon be available.

“In the future we hope that it will be available in Spain, Italy, Spain, France, the U.K.,” Patricia said of the plant.

Patricia told CBS News that the plant is native to Mexico and Spain, but it has been introduced to the U-S.

for the first time.

“These plants are so wonderful and so healthy,” Patricia continued.

“And I think they are a great resource to have for people in need.”

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