The best of Sarah Bernhardt’s peony wedding cake

Sarah Bercovitch, a wedding cake artist who also designed the peony swan cake for the US presidential campaign, is the latest to be tapped to create the Peony Wedding Bouquet. 

The bride and groom have chosen to go with the traditional peony design in honor of their daughter Sarah, who died last year at the age of 33. 

“I have a lot of love for peonies, and this is a lovely and subtle design,” Sarah told the BBC.

Sarah was a guest on the BBC World Service last month to talk about her work. “

I hope you love the design as much as I do.” 

Sarah was a guest on the BBC World Service last month to talk about her work.

Her bouquet is a mix of a traditional, white peonies and rose petals, with rose petal embellishments on the outside and the inside of the bouquet.

Sarah says that she’s been working with the peonies for years, and it’s a tribute to her father who passed away last year.

“Sarah loved peonies.

She had a passion for them and she’s really excited to have them become part of this cake,” her bride said.

Peony cake is a great way to honor her father and his memory, she added.

“This cake is something special, and we have been working for years to make it the best it can be.”

The bride is also making an engagement cake.

“My husband and I wanted a traditional wedding cake that would capture the simplicity of the peon,” Sarah said.

“He died of pancreatic cancer, and the cake was meant to be a gift to him.

I was very excited to get him the cake, because we wanted him to be able to enjoy the cake with his loved ones.

 “It’s a celebration of his life and his spirit.”

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