Apple Pay for the peonies

Apple Pay is now officially available for peonies in Australia, allowing users to buy peony products from a single, seamless shopping experience.

Apple Pay for peony flowers is available for purchase in stores now, along with other items including paper peonies and peonies plants, according to the Apple Pay website.

Apple will also be launching a new product on June 1 called the Peony Care Bundle that will allow peonies to grow in their own, outdoor, indoor garden.

Apple also announced its new Apple Watch Series 4 smartwatch with a dedicated peony display and will be launching its new iPhone 6s with a peony-shaped case on June 6.

The peony flower was first revealed at the Apple WWDC keynote earlier this year, and it was also unveiled at the iPhone 6 event in San Francisco last month.

Apple introduced its first Apple Watch Sport watch back in September and also launched the first iPhone 6 in September last year.