Peony poppy gallery opens at Dublin art gallery

The Irish Tea Gallery has been established by the Peony Poppy Association to showcase and celebrate the beauty and diversity of the world’s largest peony.

The gallery is one of the first in the world to showcase the diversity of peonies in their natural habitat, as well as in gardens and other environments.

The peonies have been cultivated for millennia, and have a very unique and long-lasting relationship with their native land.

They are a favourite of farmers, gardeners and artists, and are prized for their unique colour and scent, which is one reason that they have been a source of pride for Irish people for centuries.

Artistic Director and PeonyPoppy Association Executive Officer, Helen Glynn, said: “The gallery aims to provide an outlet for the Peonias community, showcasing their rich and unique heritage, to express their individuality and connect with the arts in a safe, and respectful, environment.”

This exhibition is a chance for the public to see and touch these peonies before they are put on display for the first time.

“It is an important and exciting step in the Peonic Poppy Partnership’s ongoing journey towards showcasing this special peony for its diverse history, to promote its unique beauty and to bring to light the peony’s unique role in the environment.”

The Peony Tea Gallery opened its doors in January 2017, and is open from 7.30am to 9.30pm daily, Monday to Friday, and from 11am to 4pm on Saturday and Sunday.

For more information, please visit the Peono Poppy Foundation website.