Peony shrubs in summer and winter will be a lot less dramatic as the season ends

By TOM MORRIS, Associated Press The season will be more mellow and less intense than it was in summer.

But there will still be some joker peonies, too.

The National Peony Show and Festival has announced plans to have two shows this season.

On Friday, the Peony Conservancy will hold a 10-day show at the Rosemont Music Theatre in the heart of Philadelphia.

In addition to the traditional March 10 show, the Conservancy has expanded to an afternoon event with an additional 10-plus acts.

Tickets are $20 and include a pair of tickets to the March 10 event, along with an autograph session.

A day of activities for all ages is also planned at the Peonies Festival site.

The event runs through March 31.

For the Peon, this is a chance to get away from it all and enjoy the peonies.

It’s a lot of fun.

But the more you see, the more fun you get, too, said Kathy Gentry, the conservancy’s publicist.

She said the show is still an annual event, but the conservancies is trying to make it a less busy event.

“We’re hoping that people can just sit back and enjoy it,” she said.

While the conservans is trying for a more family-friendly experience, the show has also become more family oriented.

That’s because of the addition of a $10 fee for children under 14, which will go toward the Peons gift-shop, which opens at 8 a.m. on Saturday.

The show will be on a first-come, first-serve basis, with tickets available for purchase online.

Gentry said the conservations staff is working with Peonies to make sure the show will not become a tourist attraction.

Peony shrubby flower with a flower petal.

The Conservancy is hosting an outdoor event for families, and Gentry said it is working to create a more relaxing environment for families to come out and enjoy some nature.

We want to keep people as family-oriented as possible,” she added.

I’m sure the Peones will be welcoming the new family and family-loving visitors.

This year’s PeonyFest is a family-centric event.

The Peony’s annual festival, held from March 7 to March 31, celebrates the history of the Peo-Nest.

Organizers of the show said it was created to show the history and significance of the flower, which was first discovered in 1852 in New York City.

They said it’s a tribute to the Peanies, who came from England and brought with them their knowledge and love for nature and nature’s beauty.

There will also be activities for the whole family, including a kids zone, petting zoo, a children’s zone, pony rides and crafts and a Peony Garden.