Why do you like peonies?

A tattoo parlour in Paris has just started selling a peony-themed tattoo of the petal-shaped flowers on the body.

Peonies are a popular flower in France, and the flower is a symbol of romance.

The tattoo has been designed to evoke love, which is why it is also a reference to the French national anthem, the National Anthem, and a peonies-shaped flower is also used as a symbol for friendship.

The artist, who asked not to be named, told the AFP news agency that the design had been commissioned for the summer by a woman who wanted to create a flower with a peonette in it.

“It is a romantic symbol for a woman, so I thought it would be nice to design something with a lady friend, which I think is the right way to represent the peonies,” she said.

“But also a little bit of a touch of humour, because I think you could use the flowers for something a little less formal,” she added.

A peony tattoo for a man?

“I think the idea for this is really to evoke the love of a man, a man in a flower.

I think that would be the perfect thing to do,” she explained.

The peony tattoos are a bit more traditional.

“A peony is a plant, which means that the flower has a different shape,” she noted.

“The peony flowers are used in French parlours, as well as in the national anthem.”