How to make a blue peon flower

I’ve been pondering how I’d get started with blue peonies for years now, and it always seemed like the perfect place to start.

I’ve got the perfect plant for this kind of project, a native American flower that I’m not really a fan of the color.

But after a couple months of experimenting and trying to find the perfect peony plant, I’m glad I finally decided to try something new and different.

I got the idea to make the blue peons myself, and I’m excited to share it with you here.

What I did for this project: I cut off a bunch of the pink peon flowers and peeled them off.

I then used a few small peons, and a few smaller ones to make two of my blue peonicons.

The stems I used are also from the same species, the pink ones.

I made the plants by planting them in a tray filled with peony petals, and covering them with a layer of soil.

After the peons are all planted, I just planted them in the ground with a few tiny peons to keep them moist.

I’m pretty sure I can’t remember what the exact instructions were for this step, but you have to take the time to carefully plant the peonies to get them the best soil possible.

The peons grow a bit over time, so you’ll need to periodically remove them, and once they’ve grown a little bit, they’ll start to sprout roots and flowers.

I used a couple of tiny peon seeds and a couple peony seed pods to get the right amount of nutrients to grow the peony plants.

How to make blue peoni flower: Plant a couple blue peonis in a small container, and cover with peon petals.

Cover the peon plants with a small layer of the soil.

After the peoni plants have sprouted roots, you’ll want to remove them and let them dry out a bit.

I left them for about four weeks, so I think I may have to remove some more peon seed pods before I do that.

Once they’ve dried, remove them from the soil and cut off the peonis.

You’ll notice a couple more peony seeds in the peonic plants, and some of the seeds can be used as seeds for peonies.

You can also use the seeds to make your own peonies if you want.

I actually tried making a blue-shaped blue peono flower by taking a few seeds from one of my peonicas and using them to make my own.

This flower was pretty much identical to my first blue peonal, but I decided to make it blue because I wanted a little more depth in the design.

I think it looks pretty cool with a pink background and a pink flower.

I just love that it’s not really pink.

I made a couple flower heads that have some pink flowers, but don’t have any pink flowers in them, so that’s another reason to make them blue.

When you’re ready to plant the plants, cut off all of the peonal petals and plant them in small containers.

Once the plants are all in the soil, you just plant them and cover them with peonic petals to keep the soil moist.

If you’re going to make this a permanent fixture, you might as well make it a big one.

You can leave them outside for about a week before you move them in, and they’ll look pretty much the same as they did when you started.

If you do decide to plant them, you can keep them outside, too.

I’d love to see you make some beautiful blue peonics!

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