When you need a new ‘fake’ peony bush for the garden

When you think of peonies, what comes to mind?

Perhaps a big, big one in your yard.

Well, we’re about to find out, as the first ever fake peony crop in the UK was recently planted in a garden at a seaside town.

The fake peonies were planted on a farm on the Isle of Wight.

They are called fake peorains and they’re not just any peonies.

These were planted by a small farm on a remote, beautiful island in the Atlantic Ocean, in the waters off the coast of Cornwall.

The real peonies that are grown on farms in the U.K. are cultivated in the United States and are grown as ‘peon grasses’ to give them a more lush appearance.

The peony is also grown in Australia.

It’s not just about the size and colour of the fake peonains, but also the way they look and the way the plant looks after they’ve been harvested.

It takes months to grow the fake crops, but they are worth it.

Here’s how the fake Peony bush looks like.

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