Peonies: How to take your own peonies and turn them into an art piece

By Lauren M. PappasCBS News 12/28/16″You’re going to see what happens when you do this with my peonies.

They are beautiful peonies, but they’re really, really pretty, and they’re not going to grow back.

They just get so beautiful, but there are things that you can do to them, and I thought this would be an interesting way to take them into the future and use them in a new way.”

-Peonies artist, Tiffany, on her art Peonies are a family of exotic flowers that look like miniature peonies or beeches but are actually quite big and have red, yellow, and orange petals that turn blue and pink in color when touched.

The peonies have been growing in popularity in the United States since the 1960s.

Some say they are a favorite food of Chinese and Vietnamese cuisine.

Peonies were once eaten by people around the world, including by the Native Americans who inhabited the area.

Today, there are peonies found all over the world.

Peony artists often combine art and science to create a unique and exciting art piece that has been a favorite of artists around the globe.

Tiffany Peony Gallery, a Peony art gallery in Chicago, is a place where art lovers come to enjoy beautiful, unique and creative peonies from around the U.S.

A Peony flower is a small, soft flower with a red or orange petal that grows from a cluster of tiny, pink petals.

The Peonies’ colorful blooms are the result of a chemical process that produces a red pigment called keratin.

The keratin pigment is a protective layer on the peony flowers, and is the basis for the colors of their petals and stems.

A peony’s petals are about as big as a dime.

The art piece above was created by artist Tiffany Peonies.

The original image was created in 2013.

Peons are a popular and versatile flower that can be used for both decorative and functional purposes.

Tiffany Peonies says her work is all about capturing the beauty of nature and making it into a unique piece that can stand alone as an art or a decorative piece.TIFFANY PEONY: I really wanted to try to capture the color of the peonies in a unique way.

It’s such a beautiful, delicate flower, and then it’s just a beautiful flower.

It doesn’t have any kind of structure, so it just kind of flows, it just has this beautiful, flowing movement.

You can feel the movement and it’s so beautiful.

The only part that was hard was to find the right balance of the two colors.

It was all about just trying to make the peons as beautiful as possible.

They’re just so beautiful and they don’t grow back, so we’re just trying as hard as we can to capture that.

It takes a lot of work, and it was definitely a labor of love.

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