A photo series of peonies with pink and black tattoos: Wedding peonies

A photo project of a couple of peony tattoos inspired by the wedding of Paula Fay and Patrick Fay was made possible thanks to an outpouring of support from the public, according to the couple.

The photo series, which was made public this week by photographer Paulina Foy, features three photos taken at the wedding by Paula Foy of her husband Patrick Foy and his peonies in the summer of 2018.

Foy says she took the photos after noticing the pair were wearing matching wedding peony tiaras and hats.

Fay told The Globe and Mail the photos of her two sons with the tiarasses and hats were inspired by her husband’s tattoo.

“When we found out that they had been married for a while, we immediately thought it would be a fun project,” she said.

Foy has been shooting weddings for nearly 20 years and the series is a great way to celebrate their first anniversary. “

It was really fun to do.”

Foy has been shooting weddings for nearly 20 years and the series is a great way to celebrate their first anniversary.

Foy says Patrick and his Peonies are one of her favourite families, and her photography captures their joy in the moment.

“I wanted to create something that captures the spirit of the day,” she explained.

“We were happy for them to see each other again.”

Fay says the couple’s wedding is one of the best memories she has ever had and the photos have inspired her to continue documenting their special day.

The wedding is a special time for them and I just wanted to capture the spirit in the photos.”

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