Pink peony is a flower you’ll never forget!

Peonies are native to the southern United States, but there are several species found throughout the continental U.S. and parts of Canada.

Pink peonies can grow to lengths of up to 4 feet and are popular as a decorative ornaments and in floral arrangements.

The flowering period can be as short as 2 to 4 weeks, and some varieties are capable of blooming for up to a year.

Peonies bloom in clusters, usually forming flower stems, and sometimes flower buds that turn into petals or flowers.

Some peonies are poisonous, and if ingested can cause severe illness and death.

In the summer, the blossoms can be scattered on a carpet or a bed of roses to attract pollinators, or you can take a few of the flowers to your backyard or garden to enjoy.

While they can be a bit difficult to find in the garden, they are very popular in homes, and they are one of the best-selling flowers in the country.

Peony plants are often cultivated in pots, and you can find the plants in many local nurseries.

The best time to plant a peony in your yard is in the spring and early summer, when you can expect the flowers and petals to begin to flower.

In summer, you can harvest your flowers for your own personal use, or try planting them outside or in your backyard.

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