How to paint your nails with peony nail polish

With winter approaching and your nails getting a little longer, it’s a good time to paint them with peonies. 

I’ve never been a big fan of the peony, but it’s the best option if you’re feeling a bit more adventurous.

You can purchase peony products online, but in the UK, you’ll have to get your hands on them.

What you’ll need to do: Find a local beauty supply shop.

Peony nail polishes are typically sold in the £5-£10 range, but some brands are even selling them for as little as £2.50. 

It’s a bit cheaper if you buy them in bulk online, which is probably the best way to buy them.

Make sure you pick up a couple of bottles. 

What you need: 1 – 3 peony pieces, some sort of nail polish base (such as a clear base, a pink base, or even a rose gold base) Peony nails are very durable, and you can pick them up from local beauty supplies.

They’re also incredibly cheap to buy. 

To paint your peonies, simply mix the base with water and apply the paint.

The best time to do this is between mid-March and mid-October.

After your peony is dried, you can start applying your other polishes.

If you’re using a paintbrush, you may need to dab a little more on your nail as you apply the polish. 

You can add another coat of paint before you apply your final coat. 

If you’re not sure what your nail polish will look like, just try to get it right.

If your nail is dry, then apply a thin coat of a coat of your favourite polish.

I use a white base (a clear base), and I apply my second coat of the polish on my nail.

Make sure your nail has a matte finish to it.

It’s not ideal, but that’s what I like.

If you use your nails to make art, you might want to add another layer of paint on top.

Use your nails like you would paint your face or your body.

Paint your nails in a very light colour (a dark pink for example), or use your fingers to paint it.

For the best results, try using your fingers instead of your hands.

I always start with my fingers, because it feels better and the paint is easier to work with. 

 It takes some practice to achieve a good shine.

If the paint starts to get dry, wait a few minutes before you try again.

If it’s not working, try adding a few coats of paint with the peonies next.

If that doesn’t work, just dab the paint onto your nails and apply a second coat.

Tip: If you don’t like the colour of your peons, it can also be possible to get them from a pet shop. 

When you’re finished, dab the polish off with a cotton swab. 

Tip: The paint on your nails will be thinner than it will be on your skin.

Once you’ve applied your second coat, you should have a very shiny polish.

If not, you could try using a lighter colour. 

How to paint with peons: Mix up a paint brush, and paint on a dark pink.

When you do this, it’ll take a few seconds for the paint to set.

Then, start applying another coat.

You may need more than one coat, as the peons are pretty durable. 

Take your second paint and dab it onto your peon.

Repeat the process with a second layer of the paint and then another coat if you need to. 

Once you’re done, take a swab with a small amount of the second paint, and dab a few peony flakes onto the swab to help it adhere to the peon nail. 

Repeat with another coat to add a gloss layer. 

Apply the second coat to your peonal nail and wait a couple minutes for it to dry. 

After drying, you’re ready to paint again.

It’s important to keep the paint drier than it’s drying in case it gets wet.

Apply your final paint with a thin layer of your second layer, and wait for it the polish to dry before adding another coat, or dabbing a little of the coat onto the peonal.

Try to get the paint on the nail as smoothly as possible.

It won’t look as good if it’s dry.

If there’s a thin streak of paint, it could dry off quickly. 

TIP: If your peonic nail polish doesn’t dry quickly, it might be because it’s been sitting out in the sun for too long.

Use a damp cloth or a wet towel to help dry it. 

Make sure you don’sn’t use too much.

It could damage the peonic nails, so don’t put too

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