When a tree peons its way into your life

Peonies are often considered an endangered species, but they can be a surprisingly resilient plant.

They can take root in almost any soil, and when they do, they can change the landscape in ways that may be surprising to humans.

Peony trees are also the subject of an adorable documentary on Netflix.

The Peony Tree is a short documentary about peonias, a tropical, perennial tree species that are native to Southeast Asia.

It was created by David M. C. Mink, a botanist at the University of Florida, and is currently streaming on Netflix in select markets.

Mink started working on the project while working on a project to study the peonis of the Florida Everglades.

He was looking for ways to preserve the trees, and it turned out that peoni trees had a lot of potential.

“There’s an incredible amount of biodiversity out there,” Mink said.

“So it seemed like a perfect fit for us to do a documentary about a species that was actually in need of protection.”

Mink found that the peony was a great example of a plant that is highly adaptable to any soil.

It can grow in almost anything, and the trees can be grown in almost every climate and climate zone.

The film takes a look at a tree in Thailand, where it has thrived for more than a century.

“The plant can survive in almost virtually every climate zone in the world,” Mankins said.

“It’s got a lot going for it, but it also has a lot for us,” he added.

“One of the things we found was that in the tropical tropics, the peonies tend to grow in fairly dry soil, so they have really good water and good soil conditions,” Minks said.

In Thailand, peonies thrive on a mix of salt, clay and nutrients.

In places where water is scarce, peony trees can grow to be as tall as a tree, which can make them ideal for a growing area.

“You have a lot more space for plants, and you have a better plant canopy,” Munkins said, adding that they can withstand extreme conditions.

“A lot of peonies are really resilient, and if you’ve got peonies that can grow over a long period of time, they’re very resilient,” Miskins said in an interview.

“And they also are really good at surviving drought.”

“It just seems like the perfect fit to me,” he said.

The documentary is the first time that a plant has been filmed as part of the National Geographic Channel’s Peony Trail.

The series began in 2014, when Mink and his wife, Laura, went to Thailand to film a documentary for PBS.

The project was filmed by Mink in the Philippines and included several native plants that the couple found on their trip.

“I’ve always been interested in botany, and I’ve always found it fascinating,” Mokins said of the project.

“I’ve seen many of these amazing things grow over time.

But I didn’t really realize just how diverse the plants could be.”

Mokins’ wife Laura, a zoologist and ecologist, has been studying the peons for a long time.

They have traveled around Southeast Asia and Europe, and they have worked in a number of different places.

When she saw the documentary, she knew she wanted to work with a botany professor who has a deep understanding of plants.

“Laura, this is the coolest thing I’ve ever seen in my life,” Mckins said when the two met.

“She’s the coolest woman I’ve met in my whole life.”

The couple met in a bar in Thailand while studying in the Netherlands.

Laura was studying botany at the time, and Mink had taken up gardening.

“We were in the bar together, and she was telling me how much she loved plants,” Mukins said about their meeting.

“Her favorite plant is a wild cherry tree that I found growing in a field, and so she brought it back to the lab.”

When Laura returned to the U.S., Mink took up the plant.

He said that he and his colleagues had been talking about the plant, and he wanted to give it a shot.

“She was like, ‘No way.

This is just crazy,'” Mink told Mashable.

“Then I said, ‘Well, I guess I can give it to you if you can give me a cut of the flower.’

And she said, [She’s] going to have to do it for you.’

I said yes, and we went into a forest, and Laura took the flower.”

When Mink finished the cut, the next day, he returned to Thailand.

“That’s when I realized it was something that would be good to have,” Mins said.

“I realized the forest, the soil, the climate, and how we can do things to protect these trees,” Micks said.

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