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How to find the perfect peony for sale

You may have thought that peonies are expensive and scarce, but they are not.Peonies are very easy to find.Just ask the person who owns your local garden centre.Many garden centres Read more

What are the best burgundy pearls?

Burgundy peony in colorados, peonies in the wild, define peony.Burgundy peon peony (pictured above), also known as burgundy plum, is a peony with yellowish green flesh and white flowers that Read more

A new color: peony companion plant

This year, we are pleased to share our newest color: the peony.Peonies are commonly found in the western United States and Canada, but they have been known to occur in Read more

Which plants are perennials?

The peony is a perennial plant that grows to a height of about 2 feet (60 centimeters) and has yellow flowers that resemble petals.This is the plant that you get Read more

Paree Peony – A gay pride peony

A gay peony is a type of peony found in California, which has a rich history of gay people.It’s a beautiful and unusual flower with a long white petals and Read more

How to make a blue peon flower

I’ve been pondering how I’d get started with blue peonies for years now, and it always seemed like the perfect place to start.I’ve got the perfect plant for this kind Read more
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